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SWDA collects and shares different case and success stories from each project intervention sites. Best practices are shared to donors, partners and Government signatory bodies.

My name is Daditu Dejene

My name is Daditu Dejene

I was born in the 1993 Ethiopian Calendar in one of the rural kebeles of Southwest Shawa. Before I joined Siiqqee’s program I followed my education while staying at my parent's place. I passed through hardship and many difficult situations while I attend school in the countryside. Our house is far from school, it takes one and a half hours to walk, which means, I traveled three hours per day to study. After I joined grad 8, a man tried to rape and abducts me.

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Nefas Silk Lafto sub-city, Woreda 2, 1st Floor at the premises’ of Yemisrach Dimts Communication Services of Mekane Yesus



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