Sustainable Environment

Sustainable environment program has been one of the great concerns of SWDA; given environment has greater impact on women’s lives. As a cross cutting issue, environment intervention is mainstreamed in the entire project. SWDA mobilize funds from different sources for environment intervention. Norwegian organization, Partnership for Change has supported to strengthen Daleti Ecological Center and its infrastructure development is undergoing. To generate income various kinds of trees were planted in the open space; installation of modern bee hives; excavation of water reservoir; and construction of children’s playground are the outcomes in the environment intervention. Another project, “Build Climate Change Resilient Economic Capacity and Environmental Protection Role of Ethiopian Women through Integrated Approaches” is being implemented in East Wollega Zone Jimma Arjo District. The donation for this project is from SIDA through UEWCA. The three years project targeting 53,570 beneficiaries was launched in June 30, 2017 and resulted in the outcomes of increased awareness on climate change, improved capacities of local leaders.