Socio-Economic Empowerment Program

SWDA has been implementing the project to improve socio-economic life of 1500 marginalized women through self-help groups that empower socially and economically. These women were drawn from Ameya District, South West Shoa Zone; Guto Gidda Woreda and Nekemte town in East Wollega Zone and Bokoji town Arsi Zone. The project has been addressing chronic problems such as inequality, illiteracy, economic dependency, lack of awareness, lack of security, lack of access to services, and lack of opportunities which have affected local communities in general and women in particular. The women also lacked access to decision making power on those problems which have made them vulnerable to poverty, abuses, violence, exploitation, and injustice in their families and communities. The project has been addressing these problems with goal of ensuring women economic empowerment through increasing their capital, improving their livelihood, improving access to loan, all of which would lead improved self-esteem.