Girl's Education

Most rural girls are not lucky to pursue their education, and even if they go to school, they leave school without progressing much due to economic problem they face. As a result, this project has been implemented in Sebeta and Boqoji Districts with the objective of improving the teaching-learning processes at schools, reducing girl dropouts, enhancing girls’ self-esteem, improving life skills of girls, and improving school performance and more participation of girls in different extra-curricular activities.

The Girls’ Education Project ensures the provision of effective girls’ education through creating conducive school environment and through the provision of educational materials. To this effect, school facilities such as separate latrine for girls and boys and libraries were built while counseling, mentoring and tutorial services were provided to create a friendly school environment for female students. The girls are also fed at school and given school uniforms.

Furthermore, strategic initiatives such as building girls’ entrepreneurship skills, income generating activities and providing both athletics and academic scholarships  to girls have been have been designed and implemented in Sebeta and Bokoji Districts. A considerable number of girls have benefited from this project over the past few years. The implementation of the project in the two districts, has been funded by two donors called Partnership for Change and Girls Gotta Run Foundation.