Siiqqee Women’s Development is a not-for-profit organization established with a motto “Building resilience and life with dignity!” which is articulated in its vision which is  “to see poor and vulnerable women, girls and children grow empowered, become resilient and enjoy improved wellbeing in thriving families and communities in Ethiopia by 2030”.and mission “to work with the poor and vulnerable women, girls and children through facilitating sustainable and inclusive development and through building their resilience and capacities to enable them to protect and promote their rights, and to tackle the root causes of poverty, inequalities and injustices in their communities and beyond”.

SWDA is guided by its core values and principles which are: – upholding mutual accountability for results, work in partnership for sustainable results, serve with integrity, and treasure teamwork.

Being guided by its vision, mission, and core values, SWDA designed program components that helped to address needy girls, marginalized women, tackling Gender Based Violence to ensure Gender equality and equity and sustainable environment that greatly affects women and girls’ wellbeing.

Hence, SWDA welcomes national, international partners, networks, private sectors and likeminded organization, who shares its vision, respects its core values and thematic areas. Please contact us for any further clarification.