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From forced Beggar to a Passionate Lawyer

Wudie Atnafu, aged 28 is from Amhara region, Debre Markos. Though she is a first born to her parents, she could not bring full joy to them as she lost her vision at birth. Her parents could not send her to school since there was no school system that accommodates children like Wudie. Unlucky Wudie was left at home while her siblings get the chance to learn. Her father brought her to Addis Ababa so that she could get the chance to get education and kept her with relatives. However, the so called relative sent her to the streets of Addis Ababa to make money of begging instead of sending her to school. Continue reading


At the Cross Road! Case Story of Zewditu Guteta (Nekemte, Bakanissa Qasse Kebele)

My name is Zewuditu Gutata. I am 50 years old. I am married and have six children. I was marginalized who was destined to lead a destitute life with my family. Even though my husband was employed in the state farm, his monthly earning barely supported our daily needs as the entire family was dependant only on this income. I had no job and did not have the skill to generate income nor had access to loan. Hence, our life was from hand to mouth not mentioning that there was a time when the family went to bed starving. Continue reading


Story of Degitiu Kassahun Age: 26

My Mum died when I was baby, so I was raised by my stepmother and father. My stepmother treated me like a maid. My father wanted to send me to school, but my stepmother refused. My brother agreed that I had to study, and stood up to my father and said that if I didn’t get to study we would leave. I was able to join school, but during grade 2 I got my first marriage proposal. My father wanted it to happen, but I didn’t want to get married. So I told my teachers, and the school wrote a letter to my father. They saved me, but I got 3 other proposals. When I refused to drop out of school, my stepmother would only feed me one time a day.

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