My name is Daditu Dejene 

I was born in 1993 Ethiopian Calendar in one of the rural kebels of Southwest Shawa. Before I joined Siiqqee’s program I followed my education staying at my parents place. I passed through hardship and many difficult situations while I attend school in the countryside. Our house is far from school, it takes one and half hour walk, which means, I traveled three hours per day to study.  After I joined grad 8, a man tried to rape and abducts me. Fortunately with the help of kind people I skipped from him and ran to my grandmother’s place in Sebeta. She helped me to restart my education, however she has no financial capacity to support me fully but I do want to continue my education. While I was suffering with that the information of Siiqqee & PFC’s program came to my school. My school selected me because they know my academic performance is very good, and they gave me the opportunity to join Siiqqee’s program. 

After that I got hope and encouraged to concentrate on my study. That is because the program covers my expenses for so many things and the training I attended helped me to understand many things.  I took grad ten exams scored a very good mark and joined preparatory. During that time my grandmother told to stop school and stay at home to help her at home.  I was very much disappointed and my heart was broken with the idea of stopping class, and I went to Siiqqee’s office to report the situation. I discussed with the project coordinator (Hana). She advised me not to stop school but to try some income generating activities parallel to my regular class. Then I started small business on my part time. Basic business development, assertiveness and other trainings I got from Siiqqee have helped me to survive and not to be dropped out from school.   This year   I am getting ready to take the national exam and hopefully, I will join University by next year. 

Even though I passed through many challenges while I was in the country side, and I faced again more challenges in the town. I know COVID-19 is the big challenge for the entire world including my own country. But for me it was an opportunity to some extent, because during the look-down, I was working hard on my business and expanded it from coffee to other types of drinks such as Shameta, Beso, Kolo and fuel wood and charcoal selling. I also do knitting by taking order from people. When the school reopens I will have enough capital and will start my education with a better capacity. 

My future plan is to join medical school that helps me to support poor people who cannot afford to get medical treatment. Helping people and leading them to a better life is what I learn from Siiqqee, I know I can do this.