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Ethiopia Social Accountability Project Phase II (ESAPII)

This is one of the projects that SWDA had managed to secure towards the end of the reporting period. The organization competed with two other organizations to implement the program at different locations. Hence, SWDA became the lead for two other organizations (Good Semaritan & Walal Development Association) and at the same time it is the implementer of the project in two Woredas of East Wollega Zone, Nekemte and Jima Arjo three Kebeles each woreda.

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SWDA Staff Held Educational Retreat

SWDA Board of Director and staff went for retreat to Awassa. The main focus of the retreat was discussing on the research findings of Womankind International. Different suggestions and opinions were rasised on the research findings from each staff members and this is believed to help the findings more legitimate. The participants also pinpointed some of the areas research could not cover.