Dalati Ecological Garden

This is one of the project interventions that SWDA is striving to address climate change through the preparation of Dalati Ecological Garden demonstration site. The project site is in Finfine Saround special Zone of Oromia  /Dalati Kebele. Total area of the demonstration site is approximately 3000m2. The objective of the site was primarily initiated for gully treatment (Soil & Water Conservation) that was threatening the settlements at the down slop and main road to Buta Jira. The constructed pond in the conservation area serves dual purpose i.e. source of water for community adjacent to the site and for seedling preparation. Though the site could be developed to be more productive and give valuable services to the organization and surrounding community, its continuity is under threat due to lack of fund. Attempts were made to prepare vegetable seedlings and transplant in the reporting period.

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