Child Sponsorship Program

Siiqqee strives for the welfare of destitute children who have been deprived of opportunities they should have been entitled to access. To this end, Siiqqee supports orphan and vulnerable children and those who are household heads while children, through skill training to improve their livelihood conditions, academic scholarship, and fulfillment of basic needs.

Supports are made through sponsorship. The grant is obtained from interested organizations and individuals from Australia who have volunteered to donate some amount of money to support destitute children to pursue their education in the project jurisdiction. Hence, 8 needy children were assisted in their basic needs in the reporting period with the total grant of 24,988.65 acquired for the purpose. We still have dozens of children in our waiting list looking for sponsors while the need is very broad. Interested individuals who would like to impact a life of a child could contact us.

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