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At the Cross Road! Case Story of Zewditu Guteta (Nekemte, Bakanissa Qasse Kebele)

My name is Zewuditu Gutata. I am 50 years old. I am married and have six children. I was marginalized who was destined to lead a destitute life with my family. Even though my husband was employed in the state farm, his monthly earning barely supported our daily needs as the entire family was dependant only on this income. I had no job and did not have the skill to generate income nor had access to loan. Hence, our life was from hand to mouth not mentioning that there was a time when the family went to bed starving. Continue reading


Athletics Girls Scholarship and Women Saving group

It was one year a go that Siiqqee Women’s Development Association in collaboration with Girls Gotta Run Foundation launched “Athletic Girls Scholarship and Women Saving group” project in Bokoji the cradle of known athletes.  The objective of the project is to support girls from the destitute families who have interest in athletics while pursuing their education as an alternative career for them and for the country.

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Story of Degitiu Kassahun Age: 26

My Mum died when I was baby, so I was raised by my stepmother and father. My stepmother treated me like a maid. My father wanted to send me to school, but my stepmother refused. My brother agreed that I had to study, and stood up to my father and said that if I didn’t get to study we would leave. I was able to join school, but during grade 2 I got my first marriage proposal. My father wanted it to happen, but I didn’t want to get married. So I told my teachers, and the school wrote a letter to my father. They saved me, but I got 3 other proposals. When I refused to drop out of school, my stepmother would only feed me one time a day.

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Dalati Ecological Garden

This is one of the project interventions that SWDA is striving to address climate change through the preparation of Dalati Ecological Garden demonstration site. The project site is in Finfine Saround special Zone of Oromia  /Dalati Kebele. Total area of the demonstration site is approximately 3000m2. The objective of the site was primarily initiated for gully treatment (Soil & Water Conservation) that was threatening the settlements at the down slop and main road to Buta Jira. The constructed pond in the conservation area serves dual purpose i.e. source of water for community adjacent to the site and for seedling preparation. Though the site could be developed to be more productive and give valuable services to the organization and surrounding community, its continuity is under threat due to lack of fund. Attempts were made to prepare vegetable seedlings and transplant in the reporting period.


Child Sponsorship Program

Siiqqee strives for the welfare of destitute children who have been deprived of opportunities they should have been entitled to access. To this end, Siiqqee supports orphan and vulnerable children and those who are household heads while children, through skill training to improve their livelihood conditions, academic scholarship, and fulfillment of basic needs.

Supports are made through sponsorship. The grant is obtained from interested organizations and individuals from Australia who have volunteered to donate some amount of money to support destitute children to pursue their education in the project jurisdiction. Hence, 8 needy children were assisted in their basic needs in the reporting period with the total grant of 24,988.65 acquired for the purpose. We still have dozens of children in our waiting list looking for sponsors while the need is very broad. Interested individuals who would like to impact a life of a child could contact us.


Ethiopia Social Accountability Project Phase II (ESAPII)

This is one of the projects that SWDA had managed to secure towards the end of the reporting period. The organization competed with two other organizations to implement the program at different locations. Hence, SWDA became the lead for two other organizations (Good Semaritan & Walal Development Association) and at the same time it is the implementer of the project in two Woredas of East Wollega Zone, Nekemte and Jima Arjo three Kebeles each woreda.

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SWDA Staff Held Educational Retreat

SWDA Board of Director and staff went for retreat to Awassa. The main focus of the retreat was discussing on the research findings of Womankind International. Different suggestions and opinions were rasised on the research findings from each staff members and this is believed to help the findings more legitimate. The participants also pinpointed some of the areas research could not cover.